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Welcome to Awaken as Love


As the founder of Awaken as Love I want to welcome you to a community that explores how you can use the brilliance and tools from various wisdom traditions – Tantra, Shamanism, Spirituality and Integrated Systems – to help embody your potential in a modern world.

Here is an integration of two different paths:

Awakening is a path of identifying with spirit a movement deeper into awareness and the realization of the same unique taste of everything. It is the movement to oneness called eros, the path of the masculine. Essentially one recognizes that the consciousness seeing through your eyes is the same as that looking through mine. Through this we are waking up.

Love is a path of empathy and identification to al that exists a movement deeper into the world and an ability to recognize all the delightful expressions of life. It is a path of agape and compassion, the path of the feminine. Essentially one is able to honor and include the many perspectives accepting them in their uniqueness. Through this we are growing up.

Ultimately these paths are 2 sides of the same realization but seen and felt differently along the journey. The work of Awaken as Love ranges from Tantra Workshops, Biodanza Classes, Viision quest, Sweatlodge and Sacred Cacao Ceremonies to the organization of International Festivals, Retreats and Trainings.

Although this would seem quite diverse, there is actually one strand that runs through all of these events. That strand is Integration – how to incorportate and own all of the experiences gathered from these events so they make a meanful contribution to your life.  I welcome you to browse through them and see what you’re attracted to.


James Stevenson

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Learn to Find Peace

Why not look inside and see what you discover?

The Sensual world of Tantra

Find out more about the mysteries of tantra and your inner marriage

Go on a Shamanic Journey

Journey into the worlds of the unconscious to reveal and change deep rooted patterns

Retreats to Sacred Places

Join me in some of the most beautiful sacred places on planet

Trainings across the Globe

Empower yourself and learn more in a range of trainings to deepen skills and yourself

Live a Festival Life

You can participate in a range of International Tantra and Dance Festivals

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Cornerstones of Awaken as Love



Integration is about including all the aspects of yourself and your world in your awareness – it is part of a process of digesting and accepting events that happen and incorporating them into our wisdom and actions.


It’s one thing to think we understand something intellectually but to bring it into the manifest world through our deep feeling of it, our actions and our dance of creation is the essence of real knowing.


Love heals, not the gooey attachment projections of love popularised in song, but a deep surrender of the ego demands to the heart. When we can be really honest and compassionate about our core wounds the ego programs that are busy defending them can relax. We remember to enjoy existence without needing to prove something over someoneelse.


The universe is moving somewhere, over billions of years it is slowly willing itself awake, throught more and more complex forms of being until it is finally able to see and understand itself – as we busy ourselves with our own small problems of survival it’s easy to forget that we are part of that incredible journey!