June 17, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – June 23, 2017 @ 3:00 pm
Corfu Buddha Hall
Magoulades (Souli)
Corfu Island, Magoulades 490 81
210-238 Euros


Tantra Workshops * Heart Dance * Yoga * Biodanza * Sharing Groups * Osho Meditations * Live Concerts with Prayful and Tarisha * Cuddle Lounge * Hang out by the Beach & Pool * Healing Sanctuary

17—23 JUNE 2017

Join our world-class team of Tantra Teachers, Musicians, Dancers and Healers for a fun, transformative, sexy, loving and spiritually ecstatic celebration of life.

Tantra is the alchemy of ecstasy and this festival contributes to a joyful world through a divine celebration of our holistic being, from sex to spirit.

A Gathering of Friends

The Tantra Essence Festival is a gathering of friends, those special friends you may already know and also new friends you have not yet met! We are from the one-world one-heart family! Being in this festival is like coming back to your true home, a place you can relax and be yourself in full joy and harmony.

Teachers Include

Sarita * James Stevenson * Shashi Solluna* Lin Holmquist * Anahata * Sarani * Niraj Skilbeck * Dharmaraj