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The International School of Temple Arts is a transmission of the life force

The Vision

ISTA is a transmission of the life force, clothed in love and expressing creatively in the world. ISTA is part of a global transformational movement where human consciousness is being opened to its source as love and harmoniously integrating with other sentient kingdoms and dimensions. In particular ISTA works with spirituality and sexuality as two expressions of the life force. Our vision is a world where humans have a peaceful, delightful, shameless, fearless and loving relationship with their own bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds and spirit.

ISTA is a modern synthesis of:
a) a spiritual transmission – a satsang of being
b) a mystery school where the Temple Arts are taught
c) a new era business and creative community who are networked together globally and sharing resources in innovative ways.

How does it work?

ISTA collaborates with many groups, organizations, and communities in locations around the world. Collaborations include International Goddess Congress, OSHO Communities, Tantra, Meditation, and Yoga Schools, Mystery Schools, Madonna Ministry International, and more. What is great about is there are a wealth of teachers from different background involved in this non-hierarchical co-creation and they are offering the same basic trainings but with their own expertise and additional practices so that no two trainings are ever exactly alike.

ISTA trainings come in 3 different levels. You can view ones that I am personally involved with on this page. The ISTA website with a list of all trainings is

The Levels

Weeklong Entry level Immersion Experience – Spiritual…Sexual….Shamanic …each of these three areas
alone carry enormous charge for shadow and misuse of power as well as potential for liberation, freedom, love and joy. Together, integrated, we begin to see what it means to be awake, empowered, in community and in service as love in the world. It is a training for life and love and is for EVERYONE

Weeklong Anchoring Immersion Experience – begins its work once the decision is made that this is the way we actuallywant to live and not just a peak experience on a workshop. Level 2 guides the participant through a series of self – initiations that say goodbye to old patterns of relating and anchor the identity in the deep self that is already free, inherently loving and dynamically creative in the world.

Weeklong Immersion Experience for those who have completed SSSex and SSSIn. It deepens the identification
with the universal and is designed to strengthen the core capacity for authentic presence. This highlights
each person’s essential gifts and challenges as they seed their work in the world.

Want to join?

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