Come deepen, experience and learn in some of the most beautiful places on the planet.

Find out about Retreats

Sacred tours are great way to visit a new exotic place at the same time diving deeper in tantra or meditation. I offer retreats to  places in India and also Egypt where you have the opportunity to explore some incredible sacred sites. These are not ordinary tourist visits to busy places, we often have special access to restricted areas with people who know many of the hidden secrets held by these ancient sites.

I normally teach with another female teacher in the group room and include local experts for the tours of the sacred sites. I always ensure we stay in good quality clean accommodation with healthy vegetarian.

What happens there?

The retreats normally last for 5-7 days with a group of 20-30 people who will take part in group structures together (such as Tantra, Ceremonies or Biodanza), attend some talks on theory as well as enjoy guided tours around sacred sites. You will learn some fascinating information about these places if you are interested, most important though is taking the opporunity to enjoy have quiet time there and just to soak up the atmosphere. Often we will perform some secret meditations or practises there as a group away from the crowds.

Want to join?

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