Dive deep and learn skills that you can use in life and to hold space for others.

Find out about Trainings

To train is to grow and mature not only in your personal development but with the possibility of acquiring skills and experience needed to be able to then hold space for others.

Come join us on these week long intensives where you will learn theory, dive deep into practise, partake in illuminating structures designed to unlock some latent wisdom or help integrate previously unconnected parts of yourself.

What happens on the trainings?

These trainings are normally set in beautiful international locations with a range of accommodation is on offer and there will be a team of teachers and assistants guiding you along the experience. They vary in structure and topics but normally include most of the following aspects:

  • Connection with yourself and others
  • Clearing of limiting beleifs and emotional blocks
  • Learning tools for emotional mastery
  • Initiation into the mysteries
  • Theoretical knowledge and practise
  • Support structures
  • Arrival at a new level of awareness and celebration of a new identity

Upcoming Trainings